Planning Update #1


We like transparency, and in that spirit, we wanted to share what we’ve been up to and what we’re focusing on now.

What We’ve Been Up To

Let’s see, where to start. The biggest logistical item to fall in to place is venue. We’ve partnered up with Workbridge Associates for this event and it’s been a real treat working with them. The location at 2 Liberty Place is fantastic. It’s conveniently located, close to PATCO, close to Septa, in the center of town, surrounded by too many spots to list for for team escapes, breaks, and adventures (who doesn’t love an adventure). For the drivers, there’s a parking garage attached and numerous lots within a square block.

Inside, it’s great. A super large conference area for everyone to congregate and work. Lots of areas outside the conference room, some more private than others. In short, we think it’ll be a great fit for everyone. Icing is that we’re working with a company that is involved and care about fostering the communities here. One example is the meetup they’re sponsoring Thursday which we tweeted out the other day. Solid stuff all around.

What We’re Focusing On Now

We’ve been working with the fine folks at Technically Philly on a top secret adventure (yep, we like adventures too). We’re keeping hush hush on it at the moment, but as the bits come together, we’ll pull back the curtain. Let’s just leave it at we’re hoping to set the “Friday kick off and evening” bar a bit higher as compared to previous events. It’s going to be epic, epic I say!

We’ve been reaching out to the communities and companies who continue to support our event with regards to sponsorships. The outpouring of our fair city continues to floor us. We owe them, big time, they make this event possible. If you or someone you know is interested, we’d love to talk. You’ll be hearing more on this front here and Twitter, keep an eye out.

The same goes for reaching out to our coaches and judges. In addition to the usuals, we’re bringing in new faces, making more connections. Change is important and fresh opinions, areas of expertise, and faces are good. We’ll highlight these individuals beforehand to help you know your audience.

A few more logistical items such as food and what not but that’s boring and really, you shouldn’t worry about that stuff, you just need to focus on consuming it all which is the fun part. Oh, and prizes. In some past events we had prizes, others we have not. We’re exploring this, we like the idea, amps up the fun factor, and we like fun. We have a few ideas up our sleeves and will keep that a secret too, a little mystery never hurt anyone.

Gosh, we’re excited!! We hope you are too.